Resource is Limited , so we should make
good use of it,and cherish resources.

Water creates thousands of creatures; Kinji
devotes to make profit, thoughts and ideas

Water can hold boat, also can make it wreck.
Kinji faces and analyses every problem with
dialectical, scientific view.

Water’s boiling point is 100 degrees, Kinji
people pursue perfection, can do 100, never
do 99.

The water in the world is interlinked, so we need
to take care of each other, communicate with
each other, and make a harmonious team.

Water nourishs creatures,and flows down all the time;
one benefits on modest,loses by arrogant.

All rivers run into the sea;Kinji need diversified
talents, who hold different thoughts and methods.

Water is the only liquid in the world with its own
purification function, so we need to be self-reflection.

Kinji people work hardly to make dream come true.

Water can become any shape when met. So Kinji's
operating methods are to comply with time,
place and people

  • KINJI College(QIN XUE HUI)

    An organization for Kinji people to study and communicate

  • KINJI Running Association(QIN PAO HUI)

    An organization to encourage Kinji people to take more exercise and keep healthy

  • KINJI Charity(QIN CI HUI)

    An organization to provide help and support to the people not only internal company but also outside company

  • KINJI Friendship(QIN YOU HUI)

    An organization for the people who leave Kinji but still keep sharing the experience together

  • KINJI College
    KINJI College
  • KINJI Running Association
    KINJI Running Association
  • KINJI Charity
    KINJI Charity
  • KINJI Friendship
    KINJI Friendship